Churches across the US are suspending gatherings and asking the question, how do we Live Stream? We’re here to tell you it’s easier, more affordable, and more simple than you think.

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Fields of expertise

Live-Streaming Experts

Streaming refers to taking your Church Media, in this case a church service, and broadcasting it to an online platform. While large gathers are prohibited, this is a great way to reach you congregation. We’ll teach you what you need to know

Stream Production

We’ll take our recorded footage and create your Sunday stream for you. You give us your footage, we’ll edit your church service.

Equipment Consultants

Our team have worked with some of the best Equipment on the planet, as well as the most humble budgets. We’re here to provide you with the option that fits your need. Pre-Built, Shipped and ready to use.

Art Direction

After working across various church spheres, we know that not every church is looking for high level production. Excellence is different for every leader. Let us help you refine your vision.

Frequently asked questions

By Thursday, you send us your recorded video sermon, worship set & any other notices or announcements you’re wanting to communicate on Sunday.  We co-ordinate and train you on how to record these, start your feed where you’re looking to stream it. (Facebook Live for Example). Remotely, we then send your pre-recorded Church-Service online. 

We aim to keep our prices as low and reasonable as possible, but Streaming well requires a good deal of training and equipment. Our commitment is that we’re looking to serve the church in this time.

Specifically, we can live stream to:

  • Youtube*
  • Facebook Live
  • Vimeo*
  • Your church Website*
*Account Dependant

After receiving an email from our elders suspending our church services, we offered our services. We then saw the need in the Global church for this in the next 4-6 months, and decided to extend this offer. 

We’d love to chat with your media team and cast vision for the why, the how and what of Livestreaming.


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