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Content Marketing Editor

Freelance | Remote | 20hrs/Month | $14hr

Reports via slack to: Creative Director

Job Description: The ideal candidate for this role is skilled two-fold. 

 Firstly the candidate must be familiar with and able to navigate the Christian Influencer & Online Content Sphere. The candidate must be able to identify content that has “Viral” potential as well as content that would appeal to a Christian audience and download that content in its entirety. The candidate would be expected to maintain an up-to-date list of “content sources” from across the web. The expected quantity is 25 videos a month and should be split between content that is faith-based, testimonies of celebrities salvation stories, general inspiration content found around the and internet, preachers sermons. (Inspiring Speeches etc).

Secondly, the candidate must be able to curate content from within these videos, “content cut” the segments that they deem the most “viral” or “interesting” and export them so that our editing team is able to take the footage and produce content out of it. The candidate would then be expected to communicate quickly and clearly with the creative director on any changes that would be required before the content is passed onto the final edits.

Essentially, the ideal candidate will function as steps one and two within a viral marketing campaign that we’re conducting for a Christian Mastermind. They know the world of Christian Media, have experience and are familiar with names and faces, understands what content is appealing and has the skill set within Adobe Software to edit, export & upload the content Google Drive.

Disclaimer: You do not have to be a “Christian” to apply for this.

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