Take your influence to the next level with your Live streaming Show!

Are you already creating a podcast or any type on online content?  Do you have a following of at least 10k unique subscribers?  Then elevating your influence with the power of live streaming maybe be right for you!  


4k PTZ remote cameras

  • 2x person studio interview audio setup
  • Pro-Level Lighting setup
  • Custom Backdrop
  • Room sound treatment
  • Custom Computer and storage solution
  • Network resiliency upgrade
  • On-Site studio setup and training


Full TV show Graphics and animations pack.

  • Director to Run the “technical stuff” and eliminate stress for you and your guest so your attention is where it needs to be.
  • Advanced Steaming and workflows to connect all your streaming channels and build your audience.
  • Certified Producer to assist with show prep, guest acquisitions and show content layout.
  • Post Content Editor – Assist with editing and micro-content creation.
  • Social Media Manager included


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