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Church Media

Are you looking to be more relevant? Need announcement videos to make that transition better?  Lets talk.

Ministry Media

Need content that’ll propel your ministry to the next level, generate income and spread your message? We’re your team to help.

As ministry school graduates and members of some of the world’s leading and award-winning media depts and music labels, we’re uniquely positioned to serve you. We understand the importance and significance of techs who know how to feel what’s right. We pride ourselves most in being sensitive to the content and the bigger picture.


Weekend Services Audio & Video Editing

If you don't have the paid staff to manage your sermon recordings, you know the pain and hassle it is to get them edited and uploaded for your congregation to access. We can Help.
- Weekend Services Edited and uploaded
- Video, MP3 versions
- Podcast & social media postings

Bonus - We'll also produce Social Media Content based around your Sunday Services themes for you to post during the week.
*Ask about our product creation options

Weekend Announcements Visual Design & Editing

Clip art isn't cutting it anymore? Let us theme and build out some templates. We can work as your creative dept!

- Brand Consultation and Development included with your projects.
- Announcement slides for looping.
- Bulletin and inserts designed
- Video Announcements
- Designs can be formatted for any screen.
Bonus - if you have an audio/video editing package, we can insert announcements into your edited piece.

Custom Digital Services

Streaming, Podcasting, Websites and more, you need customized technical help from experts! We have a long list of professional and custom solutions for you.

- Custom Web Design
- Streaming Design and Architect
- Media Consulting
- Social Media Management
- Podcast setup
- Consulting
Pretty much anything you need, we have it covered.

Got Questions?

Here are some of the most common questions, along with the complete answers from our support experts.

If you’re local to Redding, we can talk over a coffee, otherwise, we’ll Zoom Conference call. This can include as many people as you want and be as long as you need. 

Yes! We tailor all our packages around your needs. In most cases its not a problem!

It doesn’t! But we’re educated in mainline-Christian Belief. If that’s not you, we might not be the best fit to match the heartbeat of what you’re trying to achieve, but we’re happy to have a conversation.

Yes! Our team is experienced running the tech-side of conferencing all over the world. We’ve worked with churches and ministries such as Bethel Redding, Jesus Culture, Big Church Day Out UK, and others. Please contact us with details and we’d love to help out. 

Yes! We’re all about elevating your confidence. We’re not here to take over (unless that’s what you want), we’re here to make your vision a reality. 

Yes! We’ve worked with churches all over the world and developed systems for international payment and content delivery that make the process smooth and seamless.

We can, but you’ll need a specific set of software to do so. Please bear in mind we don’t alter prices from our main packages based around your staffing. If you’re looking for extra help, consider a custom package where we can tailor our services around your needs and set your team up for success.

We can, we run yearly fundraising events to help students and missionaries fund raise using social media and video content. These are local to Redding, CA, and cost $50 a head. We’ll produce you a 30-second fundraiser video, Instagram story and a graphic that’ll work across social media platforms. Keep on eye out for these events.

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